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getting strange characters in ms word how to remove them

Strange characters in Microsoft Word documents can be frustrating, but you can usually remove them with some simple steps:

  1. Show Non-Printing Characters:
    • In Word, click on the „Home” tab.
    • Look for the ¶ symbol in the „Paragraph” group (it’s called the „Show/Hide paragraph marks” button).
    • Click on it to show non-printing characters.
  2. Delete the Strange Characters:
    • Once you’ve turned on the display of non-printing characters, you’ll be able to see the strange characters in your document.
    • Place your cursor just before or just after the strange character.
    • Press the „Delete” or „Backspace” key to remove it.
  3. Use the Find and Replace Feature:
    • Click on the „Home” tab.
    • In the „Editing” group, click on „Replace.”
    • In the „Find what” field, copy and paste the strange character you want to remove.
    • Leave the „Replace with” field empty.
    • Click „Replace All” to remove all instances of that character.
  4. Change Fonts:
    • Sometimes, strange characters appear because the font used in your document doesn’t support those characters.
    • Select the text with the strange characters.
    • Choose a different font from the font dropdown menu in the „Home” tab.
  5. Copy-Paste as Plain Text:
    • If you’ve copied text from a web page or another document, it might carry over strange formatting or characters.
    • Instead of pasting directly into your Word document, use the „Paste Special” feature (found under the „Home” tab > „Paste” dropdown) and select „Unformatted Text” or „Keep Text Only.”
  6. Check Language Settings:
    • Occasionally, language settings can cause strange characters. Make sure your document’s language is set correctly.
    • Go to the „Review” tab, click on „Language,” and set the correct language.
  7. Corrupted Document:
    • If your document is severely corrupted and you can’t remove the strange characters, you may need to consider recovering the text.
    • Open a new, blank Word document.
    • Use „Insert” > „Text from File” to insert the corrupted document.
    • This can sometimes help recover the text while leaving behind formatting issues.
  8. Check for Virus or Malware:
    • In very rare cases, strange characters can be the result of malware or a virus.
    • Run a virus scan on your computer to rule out any malicious software.
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If none of these methods work, you might need to consider the possibility that the document itself is corrupted beyond repair, and you may need to revert to a backup copy if available.


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