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how do we need to track revision in ms word

Tracking changes in Microsoft Word allows you to keep a record of edits, comments, and suggestions made to a document. Here’s how to track changes and manage revisions:

1. Turn on Track Changes:

  • Open your Microsoft Word document.
  • Go to the „Review” tab in the Ribbon.
  • Click on „Track Changes” in the „Tracking” group.
  • Now, any changes you make to the document will be tracked.

2. Make Edits:

  • Edit your document as needed. Any changes you make will be highlighted, and deletions will appear with a strikethrough.

3. Accept or Reject Changes:

  • To accept or reject changes, navigate to the „Review” tab and use the „Accept” and „Reject” buttons in the „Changes” group. You can do this one at a time or for all changes in the document.

4. Add Comments:

  • To add comments, highlight the text you want to comment on, and click „New Comment” in the „Review” tab. Type your comment in the sidebar.

5. Review Comments:

  • Use the „Previous” and „Next” buttons in the „Review” tab to navigate between comments.

6. Turn off Track Changes:

  • When you’re done editing and reviewing, go back to the „Review” tab and click „Track Changes” to toggle it off. This will finalize the changes.

7. Show Markup:

  • You can customize how the changes are displayed by clicking the dropdown arrow in the „Display for Review” box in the „Tracking” group. Common options include „All Markup” and „No Markup.”

8. Save a Copy with Changes:

  • To save a copy of the document with all changes visible, go to „File” > „Save As,” choose a location, and select „Word Document” for the file type. This will create a new document with the tracked changes.
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By following these steps, you can effectively track changes and revisions in your Microsoft Word documents. This is particularly useful when collaborating on documents or when you need to review and accept/reject edits from others.


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